Wednesday, June 17, 2009

William Lawrence Lutz

Sorry for taking so long in getting William on here. We have had quite a busy four weeks. He is growing like a weed and is so cute. He, of course, looks just like his brother's, but has red hair. I now have a blond, brunette and redhead. It will probably change as he gets older, but for now it is really fun to see. He gained a pound and an inch by the time he was 2 weeks old and is still growing like a weed. It is hard to keep up with feeding him since he thinks he is always hungry!
He has a bit of an eye infection right now, but it seems to be getting better with the medicine he is taking. He also has an umbilical hernia that the doctor said would go down with time. If it isn't gone by the time he is five they will do surgery to remove it. Hopefully it won't come to that.
Jonathan and Ethan love their baby brother. Ethan loves to hug and kiss him and Jonathan wants to hold him all the time. Most of the time they don't even notice he is there. It has been really great to see them adjust so well.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Funny Jonathan Story

I don't have a picture to go with this, but I really need to post it before I forget.  I was watching my friend Marcy's kids and my boys were there as well playing.  Kristen called Marcy's house saying she needed to drop off a dish that Marcy had brought dinner to her in and I said I would take it.  When she arrived all the kids, of course, ran to the door to see who it was.  Kristen handed me the casserole dish, which was empty, and we started chatting.  Jonathan, who didn't have a good view from below us looked up at Kristen and said, "Kristen, I didn't know you could cook!"  I am just relieved to say that she has a great sense of humor and we got a good laugh out of that.  I still chuckle when I think of it.  Kristen, of course, can cook and Jonathan was a little confused because I made her dinner when she had little Jane.  He takes things quite literally.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

New Bedding

I finally got to replace the bedding Keith's mom bought us for Christmas today. I love it and I think that Keith will like it as well. He seems to be the most opinionated husband when it comes to decorating the house. Anyway, I put all of it on the bed and of course then proceeded to take pictures to email Keith. The boys and I then ran to the park and the store. When we got home we ate a quick dinner then got ready for bed. I walked into my room to find that my white embroidered pillows were missing from my bed and thrown haphazardly on the floor. I was a little confused considering we had only been home for a short time and the boys weren't in my room, that I knew of.
After Jonathan was done brushing his teeth he came into my room where I was practicing piano waiting for him. He then said, "Mom do you like the bed now?" I, of course, responded with a yes thinking he was referring to the new bedding. He then went on to say, "I had to take off the white pillows, Mom, they don't belong." I am a little stunned at this point thinking that my son is telling me how to decorate my house at the tender age of four so I don't yet have a response. He then pulls the bag that the new bedding came in and showed me the picture and says, "See, Mom, there are no white pillows in this picture. Didn't you see that when you made the bed?" I was, at this point, trying to contain my mirth, with difficulty, and told him that I like the white pillows on the bed. He gave me his "worried" look, which I don't have a picture of yet, and said, "Okay, Mom, whatever you want," he then walked to his room for bed. I am still laughing about the whole thing. How do our kids grow up so fast? (Luckily he missed the pink pillow!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Random Fun with the Boys

I wanted to get a good picture of both the boys, but Ethan was not being cooperative. He had to have Jake hold him while I took the pic of them. Hopefully Mom will be able to print this off. I don't know how good it will be.
Ethan is the entertainer in the family. We were sitting down to lunch and he normally tries to find ways to make Jonathan and I laugh. It doesn't take much to make Jonathan laugh and that suits Ethan just fine.
This is Ethan eating his food while throwing his head back and popping it in his mouth. It was making Jonathan laugh so he kept repeating it. It was really cute.

Jonathan insisted that I take a picture of him with this cat. I don't know why, but he was happy to see it. I think he can be so sweet sometimes. It really is nice to have these moments with him.


On Monday we went to Chuck E Cheese for family night. Keith has been gone a lot heading up a project for work so this was the first night in over a week that we got to see Daddy. We made him an invitation out of construction paper and markers then Jonathan insisted that we wrap it so Daddy could open it. I got a picture of them next to the present. They were so happy to have made it for him.

Jonathan and Ethan both loved the "roller coaster" ride and insisted on several turns on it.

This is the only real smile I could get on camera the entire night. You would think that the boys would be happier to be out at Chuck E Cheese, but I guess they were too intent on enjoying the fun and didn't want to pose for pics.

Ethan rode this car at least five times. He didn't crack a smile once, but he wouldn't get off of it. It was rather humorous.

This is the first thing that they did when Keith arrived. Jonathan actually made a basket and couldn't stop talking about it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jonathan and Ethan are growing so fast!

Ethan and Jonathan fell asleep on the way to Irvine to get Ethan's haircut. I couldn't resist getting this picture. I had no idea that Jonathan had fallen asleep until we pulled into the parking lot. I must say that I have been meaning to get Ethan's hair cut for a long time, but I just couldn't seem to part with his sweet curls. I guess that when people start telling you what a pretty little girl he is that it is past time to cut it. I would have done it myself, but I didn't want to cut it too short. I just wanted it trimmed so that we wouldn't lose all of the curls so we had to go to a salon and Keith's mom had a coupon to Rainbow Kids. They are apparently the best in Orange County for kids haircuts. So that's what we did.
This is his hair before the cut. I wish I would have got a better picture, but I didn't think that I would need one since we were just getting a trim.

This is the finished product. As you can see, it is a lot shorter than I wanted it. I'm not too upset, because he does look adorable, but I miss the curls so much! He wasn't exactly cooperative in the chair and cried the entire time. He kept trying to hit the lady's hand away and would scream every time he heard the scissors cut his hair. I had to hold his hands down just so she could cut his hair. When she went to trim the front I told her to go just above his eyebrow by a fingertip. Instead she kind of cut it all off. I don't blame her though, Ethan was not an easy subject. I just wish I didn't waste the money. I could have done this cut at home with the clippers. Anyway, now we won't have to cut his hair for a long time! Ethan now looks a lot older with his new haircut, but he still acts like our same little goofball.

Since the new year began a few things have changed. Jonathan is no longer a Sunbeam, much to my sadness, and is now a CTR 5. I can't believe how fast things are moving in our life. I feel like I just potty trained him and now he is truly a kid and there are no more traces of the little baby I used to hold. He frequently reminds me of how big he is and that he can do anything.

It was a pretty hectic Sunday morning and I threw the kids in the bath to wash them really fast. Ethan I finished first and got him out and dressed. Jonathan washed himself, although I had to get his hair, and got out and dried off. I told him that as soon as I was done with Ethan that I would get him dressed. He disappeared into his room and I assumed he was playing. About ten minutes later I was finished with Ethan and went to get Jonathan. He walked out of his room before I could get there and was dressed. I was so pleased. He gets himself dressed everyday, but I usually have to fight him to wear Sunday clothes so I was totally prepared for the fight. He was in the above outfit when he walked out of his room and said, "Okay, Mom, I'm ready to go." He then proceeded to walk downstairs to wait for me to get dressed. I was beyond shocked and pleased. Sometimes our kids kind of just grow up without us even realising it.

Christmas Lights

We went to look at the lights at Christmas. We had a lot of fun together that night walking around and looking. It was cold too! We made it our FHE for the night and went to Pizza Hut after. Ehtan doesn't like to wait for his food so we had to endure the whining and screeching coming from Ethan while our food was being made. I must say that normally I am not a fan of Pizza Hut pizza, but their organic, or whatever it's called, pizza is really good. It was a lot of fun to have Keith there too. He has been so busy lately and so we really enjoyed our Daddy time.
Ethan loved the "snow" and ran around in it.

Jonathan was trying to eat it here.

He kind of looks like me here. You might have to cross your eyes and squint to see it though. ;)

Almost every house on this block was like this. So full of decorations.

My boys!

Ethan barked at the "doggies." He really loved all the lights. By the end of the street Jonathan was so sure that Santa had come to our house already and that our gifts would be under the tree. We had to explain, again, that Santa only comes once a year. It is fun now that Jonathan is old enough to really be into Christmas. The whole season was full of questions and excitement.